Blue Line Series

If you like hot men in uniform doing naughty things to strong, smart women, this is the series for you!

Reckless Conduct Cover 3

Reckless Conduct

He burned her once…

Sophie Gallo has survived a lot in her twenty-three years. Both parents gone, dreams abandoned, and a heart shattered. But she came out on the other side stronger than ever.

Then, one night with Luke in her bed… on her kitchen table… against the wall… made Sophie feel alive again. Right up until he ran before the bed stopped shaking. Seeing him every day at the Middleburg Police Station, thanks to her job as the office manager, is a special kind of torture. But she clings to her hate and anger, hiding her sadness and desire, even from herself.

She weakened him once…

Sergeant Luke McCracken lives to serve and protect. Not only the citizens of Middleburg, but also the woman who captivates him mind, body, and soul. Even if that means shielding her from the biggest threat to her happiness – himself.

Luke gave in to his lust once. But he won’t allow himself to be reckless with Sophie’s heart again. Though he can’t help but provoke her just to see her passion, even if it comes in the form of hatred. He’d live on nothing but the memories of their night together if it meant she’d have the life she deserved.

His town is being plagued by a rash of break-ins and an increase in drug overdoses, and his desk overflows with cases waiting to be solved. But never, in all the time he told himself to protect Sophie from the risks he presented, did he think she would find herself in danger from outside forces.

One night with her stole his heart, one dispatcher call stopped it.

Possession Cover 2Possession

One look and he fell…
Officer Bryan Coy was known as the Middleburg playboy. There wasn’t a night of the week that you didn’t find him at the Blue Line Bar picking up badge bunnies. But then he gets assigned what most cops consider the crap detail. Set up a speed trap outside the home of a woman that complains nonstop about speeders in her neighborhood. Hand out tickets. Shut the lady up. Easy.

Then he sees her, running from her house to grab something out of the car. But that brief glimpse changes something inside Officer Coy. Now he can’t get her out of his head… or his heart. If only she’d give him a chance.

But he’d need to work for it…
Lexis Johannes has centered her whole world around her little boy. Dating, men, sex are a thing of the past. She’s happy with her life. But the smooth talking cop that keeps popping up at her curb is making her second guess everything. Long after the reckless drivers had all slowed down, Officer Coy is still there, watching out for them.

Letting him in terrifies her. But so does letting him slip away. Can she find room in her world for the larger than life police officer?

The drugs and crime are piling up in Middleburg, but Coy won’t let it touch what belongs to him. Despite his need to possess Lexis and protect her and Ash, trouble finds its way next door.

intoxication cover 2Intoxication

He spent his life alone…
Chief Jon Gallo dedicated his life to the force. Protect his community and his men, that was his sole mission. No woman could ever accept his complete focus on the job, so he gave up trying to find the one long ago.

Then, one chance passing with the most intoxicating woman he’s ever seen changes his perspective on life. He shouldn’t want her. She’s far too young, not to mention somehow wrapped up in the increasingly dangerous drug ring overrunning his town. But when the mysterious girl disappears without a trace, he vows to find her and make her his.

But he’ll need to save her first…
Camille Artiga had been preparing for a promising life as a doctor, when the person she should have been able to trust more than anyone forced her to give up her dreams. Now, Camille has somehow found herself pulled into the dark world of drugs and crime.

Left for dead, Camille manages to stumble into the Middleburg Police Station, and the arms of Chief Gallo. She doesn’t know what to think of the myriad of feelings the strong man stirs in both her mind and body. Everything about him makes Camille feel safe, cherished. Something she hasn’t felt in far too long.

The investigation into the drug epidemic plaguing Middleburg is heating up. No one is safe anymore, not even the Chief of Police.

DISTURBING THE PEACE cover 2Disturbing the Peace

A cop to the core…
Justice Reilly bleeds blue. As the rookie cop at Middleburg Police Department, he has a lot to prove. And no time for a relationship. But on the odd occasion his hand just won’t do, he damn sure doesn’t seek out the buckle bunnies down at the Blue Line Bar. No way will he get trapped like some of his brothers in arms.

Until one night, one woman has him questioning everything he had planned for his life. Now, if he could just find her again.

Her reputation is tarnished…
Ana Formosa is a bad-ass bitch not afraid to take down the criminals of Pittsburgh. But one ill-conceived relationship with her superior officer left her world and her career in tatters. Now, she is officially relegated to the suburbs, on loan to the MPD to help bust a drug lord plaguing the town.

She planned to get in and out as fast as possible. But her one night stand has come back to haunt her. There’s no way she is letting another affair with a cop affect her career. No matter how hot and persistent that cop might be.