The Men of Blue Line

On November 22 the first book in my new series, Blue Line, will be released and I couldn’t be more excited. These are super fast and dirty reads fill with hot men in uniform. Each book in the series will feature a new police officer from the Middleburg Police Department. In celebration of the new series take a look at the eye-candy that are inspiring the characters. And come back next week to see the ladies of Blue Line. Continue reading

New Series: SRSLY

Welcome to my new series! A little bit of intro before you jump in… Through the course of writing my new book I’ve been writing a lot of text conversations between my characters. I always struggled with how to format and word texts so they seemed realistic, without getting in the way of the story. While dealing with that I got the wacky idea it would be neat to watch a couple’s relationship unfold solely through their text messages. And hence “SRSLY” was born!

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