Let the Music Move You (a cry for help)


I’ve been thinking a lot about music and how it affects my writing lately. For each story/book I write I usually try to pick out either a specific song, or specific genre of music to play while I’m writing. For The Arrangement that song was “All of Me” by John Legend.

I seriously think I listened to that song on repeat for months while I wrote some of the most emotional scenes between the main characters. Even now, when I listen to it on the radio it conjures up the late nights of writing my first book, and probably always will.

For Standby it was more a type of music than a certain song. I listened to lots of Adele and Kelly Clarkson while writing the first book in the WQUZ News Series. I wanted that independent, strong woman vibe to come through when I wrote Mira’s character.

As I am writing my modern adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk (still unnamed) I’ve been listening to “Close” by Nick Jonas and Tove Lo.

This one fits the main characters, Jax and Harper, so perfectly I almost couldn’t believe it the first time I heard it. The feel of the song, the lyrics, everything just snapped into place. Plus, I’m not even going to deny that I have serious lady boner for Nick Jonas.

(Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn!)
I’m so perplexed
With just one breath, I’m locked in
Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn
(I’m so perplexed)
On that, it’s almost shocking
I know, I know you know you’re scared
Your heart, your mind, your soul, your body
They won’t, they won’t, they won’t be careful
But I guess that you don’t know me…

‘Cause if I want you, and I want you, babe
Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space
Cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too…

Part of the reason I think I’ve been struggling with Breaking, the second book in the WQUZ series, is because I haven’t found that song that puts me in the right head space yet. That combined with my epic pregnancy brain is making for a rough go. So I’m looking for help from anyone reading this. I need a song about a woman in love with a man, but maybe doubting herself a little. Thinking she’s not good enough. Or a song about a man who wants her to see how fantastic she is, like he does.

Throw your suggestions at me in the comments!

Release Day is Here!!!

It’s here, The Arrangement is finally here! (cue shameless plug on where you can buy it!)

The Wild Rose Press: bit.ly/1Wlljrr
Amazon: http://goo.gl/beMT49
Amazon CA: https://goo.gl/MDlxj6
Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/T9GcRJ
Amazon AU: http://goo.gl/U4FOlp
Barnes & Noble: http://goo.gl/iXmYFG

BookStrand: bit.ly/1Rozqec

All Romance: bit.ly/21Jg5Ht

Also available on iTunes, but I am Apple illiterate and don’t know how to get the link.

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Release Countdown Day 4: TBT

One more day until release! Woo Hoo! And I just realized I’m doing a count-up, not a countdown. Whatever, between the pregnancy brain, my full-time job, raising a three-year-old, trying to write two books at once, and doing promo for The Arrangement my brain is totally fried. You’ll take what I give you people!

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Release Countdown Day 3: Better late than never

I was just about to go to bed a realized I never posted today’s countdown! It has been a hectic couple days, to say the least. So I hope you will accept as my most sincere apology these pictures of eye candy that served as inspiration for the characters of The Arrangement (out on Friday!).

Release Countdown Day 2: Encouragement!

Alpha-Pic-I’m very lucky to have tons of family and friends that encourage and support my writing. I know not everyone has that, and I certainly don’t take it for granted.

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Release Countdown Day 1: Dreams

I’m in the final countdown to the official release of The Arrangement.

In five days I will officially be a published novelist, which completely blows my mind. In celebration, each day until the book comes out on Friday I’m going to share with you something about The Arrangement. How I got the idea, funny things that happened along the way, and insights into the characters. I hope you’ll follow along with me!

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My very own Cover Reveal!

I can’t believe I am getting to do one of these cover reveals for my own book!  During this whole process one of the things I was most concerned with was getting a good cover. I was incredibly nervous I would hate the cover the lovely people over at The Wild Rose Press would come up with. That is what happens when you have a background in photography and graphic design. But I really didn’t need to worry. I LOVED the cover immediately. No one single change had to be made. I think it captures my story so well, and is just beautiful in general. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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