The ladies of Blue Line

The first book in the Blue Line series, Reckless Conduct, releases tomorrow, so today I wanted to introduce you to the ladies of Blue Line. If you missed it, make sure to check out the men here.


Sophie Gallo has been through a lot, but came out the other side stronger. She was burned by Sgt. McCracken once, and doesn’t plan on giving him another shot.


Lexis is one hot mama. Literally, her first priority is her son, but when Officer Coy starts making her a priority, she can’t help but want to make room for him in her busy life.


For Gennifer and Trent, it was love at first sight. They’ve been married for three years and just had their first baby. But now everything seems a little off, and Trent is stressed thanks to work. Can they find their way back to the heat they had in the beginning?


Detective Famosa isn’t happy about being loaned out from the Pittsburgh Police Department to this podunk town’s department. But they need help bringing down a drug ring, and she’s known for working fast and busting criminals left and right. Not everyone is happy about her arrival in Middleburg.


Angel Simms walks into the Middleburg Police Station bruised and bloody one night. Turns out she might be the key to unlocking the drug ring plaguing the officers of the MPD. But Chief Gallo doesn’t expect his strong reaction to this young beauty.

To see more of the eye candy that inspires my characters, check out my Pinterest page!

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