The Men of Blue Line

On November 22 the first book in my new series, Blue Line, will be released and I couldn’t be more excited. These are super fast and dirty reads fill with hot men in uniform. Each book in the series will feature a new police officer from the Middleburg Police Department. In celebration of the new series take a look at the eye-candy that are inspiring the characters. And come back next week to see the ladies of Blue Line.


This fine man in blue is the inspiration for Sergeant Luke McCracken. Fun fact, Luke has to shave his hair so his woman will stop pulling it in the heat of the moment.


I love a good ginger, especially Michael Fassbender. Rowr. He is the inspiration for Officer Bryan Coy, a loveable goofball who will do anything to protect his woman, even if it means breaking the laws he has sworn to uphold.


I’ve been wanting to write a romance centered around an already established couple for a while Blue Line Book #3, Intent, will feature the Chris Pratt inspired Officer Wright. He is a new father stressed out with an increase in crime and a new baby.


Officer Reilly, inspired by Michael B. Jordan, is the rookie cop looking to climb the ladder quickly. But the new, hot, detective is getting in his way.


And leading them all is Chief Gallo. A May/December romance has been another on my bucket list of stories to write, and this one is sure to heat things up big time.


And a bunch of hot cops just because.

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