I’m baaaack

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Hello you sexy beasts, I’m back! It has been four months since I posted anything here, and I apologize deeply for that. But my absence was for good reason. I was very busy cooking this little cutie…

Etta 1

Hello world!

Please say hello to the newest addition to my family, Miss Etta! This little girl has completed our little family in the perfect way, and I can’t wait to watch her grow up!

The downside of pregnancy from a writing stand point is the extreme writer’s block. I found it near impossible to write anything while I was growing this little one. But now that she is here I’m finding that my brain is coming out of the fog it has been in for the past nine months. Just in the two weeks since she was born I’ve managed to finish editing my novella “Piece by Piece,” I’ve started writing the second book in the WQUZ News series, and I’ve thought of a handful of new stories to work on.

Now that I am on a roll again, expect a lot of announcements coming up, including a release date for “Piece by Piece”! Plus, I’ll be doing some awesome give-aways on my newsletter, so if you haven’t yet, click here to sign up for that!

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