Release Countdown Day 2: Encouragement!

Alpha-Pic-I’m very lucky to have tons of family and friends that encourage and support my writing. I know not everyone has that, and I certainly don’t take it for granted.

But there is one person without whom I probably never would have finished The Arrangement, let alone made it to publication. That is one of my best buds, Laura. The great thing about Laura is you never have to guess if she is blowing smoke up your ass or genuinely likes something. Girl will tell you exactly what she thinks. That’s why I love her.

Back in May of 2014, I’d been writing what would eventually become The Arrangement off and on for months. But I had yet to show it to anyone. But one day I worked up the courage to ask Laura to look at it and give me some feedback. I knew she would tell me whether or not it sucked. She did exactly what you want someone to do, praised the hell out of it, but gave me a couple of critiques here and there to make what I had better. Over the next six months I sent her chapters piecemeal as I finished them, and she always told me to keep going, never made me feel like I was being a needy, pain-in-the-ass writer (which, undoubtedly, I was).

Laura has helped me with everything from feedback, to cover design input, to talking me off the ledge when I feel like I’m wasting my time with the whole writing thing. The funny thing is she isn’t a typical romance reader. I am fairly certain the number of romance books (other than mine) she’s read can be counted on one hand. And yet she never hesitates to say yes when I have something else to show her. She just did a beta read for my next book Standby, and her comments were right on as always.

So if you buy, read, and like The Arrangement, just remember, it wouldn’t have happened without Laura. Easter Egg: Michelle’s BFF in The Arrangement, Coral, is very loosely based off Laura, even her appearance is kinda based off how Laura looked when we first met in college.


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