Release Countdown Day 1: Dreams

I’m in the final countdown to the official release of The Arrangement.

In five days I will officially be a published novelist, which completely blows my mind. In celebration, each day until the book comes out on Friday I’m going to share with you something about The Arrangement. How I got the idea, funny things that happened along the way, and insights into the characters. I hope you’ll follow along with me!

If you’ve read the blurb for The Arrangement, you know the main character in The Arrangement, Michelle, has trouble telling the difference between her dreams/fantasies and real life. The idea for the book, and this particular detail, came from my real life.

I’ve always had very vivid dreams. When I was a kid I would talk in my sleep during dreams, which my sister, who I shared a room with, loved. She likes to tell the story of the time she woke up to find me sitting in front of the fan on the floor talking to it as it whirred back and forth across the room. She sat up and asked what I was doing, I responded “Quiet, I’m talking to my stupid fan.” Apparently, I dreamed of being a musician inundated with screaming fans, and I took some time out to talk to a couple of them. I think I was 8.

But while pregnant with my first kiddo the dreams got slightly out of control. And they tended to be of the naughty variety. I would wake up totally disoriented, and it took a few minutes to remember the dream wasn’t real. I felt super guilty that these dreams didn’t always feature my wonderful and handsome husband. Usually the guys featured were celebrities or faceless men. I knew I couldn’t control what I did and who with in those dreams, but that knowledge didn’t stop me from feeling bad.

That is when I got the idea for The Arrangement. Only instead of a pregnant woman, it would be a busy professional woman whose dreams start to get a little too realistic. And they aren’t always just at night.

Even though I got the idea while pregnant in the summer of 2012, I didn’t start writing it until the next summer. After becoming a mom I felt like I had very little just for myself. Every bit of my energy went to my son, marriage or work. I wanted a little something for myself. That’s when I remembered that random story idea from when I was pregnant and started writing. Three years later, here we are.

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