New Year, New Look!

I’m not one for New Years Resolutions, mostly because I suck at follow through. But there was one I wanted to stick to this year. Don’t get sued. Good goal, right? You see, the lovely pin-up I’ve been using for the past two years as my profile picture and banner here is not mine, and I can’t figure out who drew her to get permission to use her in a semi-professional capacity. To avoid getting sued when my book comes out and I’m trying to promote here and on social media, I’ve decided to retire her. I’m a little sad because I seriously adored her, and have since a random Google search brought her to me all those years ago.

pin up brandyBut I am equally excited to debut my new gal, the fiery redhead now at the top of my website and social media accounts. She was drawn by the extremely awesome and talented Ashley Jane, you can find her on Facebook here. I love how sexy and modern the new gal is, while keeping the vintage feel I love. She’s a little more sassy than her predecessor, too.

Leave me a comment below if you love her!

I look forward to sharing so much with you in the new year, including revealing the cover for my first novel The Arrangement, two new anthologies I’ll be taking part in, and release dates for The Arrangement, Standby, and Breaking. Stay tuned!


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