SOAK it Up

For the past few months my plate has been crazy full, which is part of the reason my blog posts have been so completely sporadic. There has been the editing process for my first novel, The Arrangement; starting my new job and making sure they don’t regret hiring me; raising a very energetic three-year-old; trying to sell our house. The list goes on and on.

One of the other reasons is a project that I signed onto be a part of, and even though I already had a full plate, I am so excited about it. The project is an anthology called Story of a Kiss.

SOAK Teaser 2


Thirteen pretty damn awesome (and let’s face it, hawt) authors have joined forces to write short stories about those life changing kisses everyone experiences at some point or another. We’re kinda like the Avengers of the romance world, only more swooning and less smashing.

My contribution to the anthology is called “Fighting Faith.” Here is the blurb for my story:

At nineteen, Faith spent one perfect, passion-filled summer in San Sebastian. But just when she thought she might have her happy ending, Jasper, the love of her life, shattered her heart. Now, ten years later, they’re forced together once more. Can she hold onto the last few remaining pieces of her heart?

This was one of those stories that took forever for me to write. For.Ev.ER. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my story, it just wouldn’t flow for me for some reason. But then one day I just sat down and forced myself to work on it and it started pouring out all of a sudden. Good thing too, because it was only a week before the deadline that everything started coming together.

Now I am so happy I stuck with it. It is probably one of my favorite shorts I’ve ever written. I’m even thinking about expanding it out into a full-length novel, picking up where the short ends.

Here is the book trailer our fearless leader, Taylor Sullivan (check out her awesome book Home to You) made for the project. I’ll have ton more posts coming up about the project, including a cover reveal, blog tours, and release party details. Woo Hoo!



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