Meet my new mascot!

I am an equal opportunity animal person. As a kid I would torture my parents by bringing every and any stray I could find in my neighborhood. Kittens, toads, mice, even a half dead baby rabbit that had been run over by a lawnmower. Currently I have two dogs, my eleven year old basset hound and a four or five year old boxer.

I’ve wanted to add a cat to my little gang for a while, but my husband is not a cat person, so he always said no. My logical next step was to stop asking him and just get one. Which I did. This weekend. The kitten is from a litter of my sister’s cat, who got accidentally knocked up (she can’t be fixed for health reasons and she escaped the house while in heat, that little minx). River, as I have named her, was the only surviving kitty from the litter. After only having her in my house for a day, I can understand why. Girl is feisty, a fighter. I adore her. Continue reading

SOAK it Up

For the past few months my plate has been crazy full, which is part of the reason my blog posts have been so completely sporadic. There has been the editing process for my first novel, The Arrangement; starting my new job and making sure they don’t regret hiring me; raising a very energetic three-year-old; trying to sell our house. The list goes on and on.

One of the other reasons is a project that I signed onto be a part of, and even though I already had a full plate, I am so excited about it. The project is an anthology called Story of a Kiss. Continue reading

Getting in the Mood (awww yeah)

Some days writing is as easy as breathing. But not all days. Not by a long shot. There are those painful days where you sit and stare at the screen begging the words to come (that’s what she said (sorry I had to)). You know where you want your story to go, but the thoughts aren’t forming solidly enough to record.

setting the mood for romance

Setting the mood like a boss.

Those days suck beyond all reason for a writer, especially a writer like myself who only has so much time to devote to actually getting words on paper. Or screen. I work a full-time job and am a mother to a very energetic three-year-old. So I really only get to sit and concentrate on my stories after he goes to bed and before I pass out for the night. I’ve got to take advantage of those precious few hours.

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Adventures in Amazon Kindle Unlimited

It is a well known fact that I am a book addict. I don’t deny that fact. Hell, I am pretty proud DSCN0675of it, actually. On average I read about twenty books a month. I know, that is an insane number. And it is a rare occurrence that I don’t finish a book. It has to be REALLY bad for me to stop half-way through a book. We’re talking sentences don’t make sense and simple words misspelled bad.

But there are cons that go along with being a book addict. The biggest one being money. Twenty e-books a month adds up after all. With the holidays coming up my husband and I have been looking for ways to save money, and the first thing that came to my mind was my book addiction (my Starbucks addiction was the second thing). I knew I wouldn’t be able to give up books all together. Let’s not be crazy here. But I knew I had to do something.

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