#rant – Nat’l Coffee Day

EspressoIt’s rant time internet peeps! In honor of National Coffee Day I have a coffee themed rant for y’all!

I love coffee. LOVE coffee. I would not be able to make it through my day without at least two cups. Usually more. I would never have finished my book had it not been for coffee. But there are coffee criminals out there with whom I have a bone to pick. (who? whom? I can never remember).

These Keurig culprits leave their tiny little individual sized cup o’coffee grounds in the machine after brewing their tasty beverages. And it annoys. the. shit. out of me. What is so hard about lifting the little lever and throwing away your now used grounds? Will that extra two seconds (if even that) really put you behind schedule for the day? I don’t think I have ever gone to get coffee in my staff lounge without having to throw away someone else’s Keurig cup. And no, it isn’t a big hassle for me to do, but it is kinda gross if you think about it.

Let’s say you are the last person to make coffee on a Friday. You don’t take out the grounds. Then they sit there and fester in the machine for two had a half straight days until the first poor soul on Monday morning gets in to clean up your mess. Now imagine it is a three-day weekend. Just thinking about it makes me very glad I am usually the last one to arrive at work (NOT a morning person).

So, please, coworkers of the world. throw away your own damn Kuerig cups!!!

You got a rant you want to share? Post it in the comment section!

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