Breaking News: I’m a rose!

CelebratingA post a year and a half in the making!

Last week I officially signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press to publish my debut novel, The Arrangement! I’m so excited it is hard to really put it in words. TWRP was at the top of my list for dream publishers after a ton of research. They have a great reputation for working with authors, and I knew I could trust them with my baby.

No release date yet, but hopefully sometime in 2016 I’ll be spamming the crap out of all of you to go buy my book! (wink, wink) I’ve already started submitting the information they need to get the ball rolling on the process. From what I understand it will be a long process. Someone open the wine and hold me!

In celebration here is my totally unapproved by my editor blurb for The Arrangement:

The mind is a tricky thing. No one knows that better than Michelle. Forced to change careers after her dream of making a mark in the journalism world implodes, she finds herself unable to stop fantasizing about her new boss, Jeremiah. And every other man she comes across. Her uncontrollable daydreams are becoming a problem at work. Not even an orgasm inducing visit to her sexy as hell friend, Russ, can stem the need for her mind to wander. But as it becomes clear that Russ wants more, and her workplace flirting may not be all pretend, things get out of hand. Fast. Caught between two men, trapped by her ambition, and fooled by her own mind, how can Michelle trust anything in her life when dreams seem so real?

And as an extra special treat, here are the celebrity inspirations for my three main characters in The Arrangement!

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