Breaking News: I’m a rose!

CelebratingA post a year and a half in the making!

Last week I officially signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press to publish my debut novel, The Arrangement! I’m so excited it is hard to really put it in words. TWRP was at the top of my list for dream publishers after a ton of research. They have a great reputation for working with authors, and I knew I could trust them with my baby.

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I’m a HAG

Okay, so HAG is actually Happy Authors Guild, but I proudly declare that I am indeed a member of HAG. And I am talking about putting the people I love in my writing over there today, so go check it out.

One question a lot of writers get is, “do you base your characters off real people?” Or, “who am I in your book?” It gets old after a while, as if we’re not creative enough to come up with realistic characters without stealing all our friends’ personality traits.

Stay tuned for more hijinks from me this week. I’m taking the next two days off work to do nothing but work on writing, so I hope to have a new SRSLY coming soon and more good news coming soon!