I’m getting dizzy

Life in the Ayers house has been moving at warp speed. I haven’t gotten to write as many posts as I would like lately, which just makes me sad. I very seriously need to find a way to put the brakes on and enjoy some of the craziness swirling around.

So, let’s grab a cup o’coffee and catch up!

First and foremost, The Bowman’s Inn Book Two: Summer is officially out! Any writer will tell you that some stories flow without any struggle what-so-ever, and then there are others that you have to prod, yank, and bribe to get their ass out of your head. My story for the summer edition was a little bit of both. I tried for weeks and weeks to write something that I was proud of, but also fit the unique world we’ve created in Anteros, but nothing was coming. I was getting really frustrated and thought I might have to pull out. But then one night I sat down, watched some YouTube videos of bull riders and it was like a the proverbial flood gates opened! I wrote “Every Second” in about an hour flat. And I am happy to say I’m really proud of it. So go check it out. And if you haven’t read Book One: Spring yet go grab a copy of that too, the price has just been lowered!


If you are in the celebrating mood come hang out with the women of the Bowman’s Collective for our book release party! We are going to be giving away lots of prizes and it is going to be a ton of fun! When you get the six of us in a room together talking about writing and hot guys things tend to get a little crazy. Don’t believe me? Just check out this interview we did a few weeks ago. Poor E.P. probably felt like she was wrangling a group of sugared up toddlers on crack!

In other news, I’m about halfway done with my next novel, working title “Standby.” It is going to be book 1 in the WQUZ News series. Each book will tell a different love story of the journalists working in a fictional news station in Pittsburgh. I worked in the news industry up until six months ago, and oh the stories I could tell you!!! Keep an eye out for a few excerpts here and there as I continue writing. I’m incredibly excited about this book, and so far it is one of those stories that just flows.

Speaking of keeping your eye out, make sure you check back here often, because I am hoping to have an exciting announcement concerning The Arrangement soon.

On top of all of that I need to start writing my short stories for the fall edition of The Bowman’s Inn, and another super exciting anthology I’ve asked to join in on called Story of a Kiss! Plus I have to make time for my full-time job and most importantly my husband and son. Whew. I’m tire just thinking about it!

Okay, that is it from me for now. Thanks for reading folks! If you are a fan of the SRSLY series I’ll be posting episode 3 two weeks from now, and things are about to get steamy!

Comment below and tell me about all the craziness going on in your life!

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