Common thread

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.

  – Cool Hand Luke

Remember last month when I said I was going to slow down on the book reading.

Don't judge me for my book addiction, shocked husky!

Don’t judge me for my book addiction, shocked husky!

As in, not read a book a day? Yeah, I lied. I’ve read twenty-nine so far in July. Whoops.

But all that reading has given me a little insight into what is quite possibly the biggest of all the romance genre’s tropes.

Communication. Or lack there of.

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I’m getting dizzy

Life in the Ayers house has been moving at warp speed. I haven’t gotten to write as many posts as I would like lately, which just makes me sad. I very seriously need to find a way to put the brakes on and enjoy some of the craziness swirling around.

So, let’s grab a cup o’coffee and catch up!

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New Series: SRSLY

Welcome to my new series! A little bit of intro before you jump in… Through the course of writing my new book I’ve been writing a lot of text conversations between my characters. I always struggled with how to format and word texts so they seemed realistic, without getting in the way of the story. While dealing with that I got the wacky idea it would be neat to watch a couple’s relationship unfold solely through their text messages. And hence “SRSLY” was born!

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