Why I cried over the SCOTUS ruling

On Friday, June 26, at 10 a.m., I sat at my desk at work and cried as quietly as I could out of pure happiness and joy. The Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled marriage equality is a right, making it legal for same-sex couples nation wide to marry.

Why did a straight, married woman in the middle of Pennsylvania care so much about a ruling — that really had no affect on her day-to-day life — that it brought her to tears?

I’ll tell you.

The ruling means my son can grow up loving whom ever he decides to love, and will be afforded the right to declare that love legally in the same way I did for his father.

I’m not naïve enough to think this means our country is magically a hate-free zone. I know there are still people out there who will hate my friends and family based solely on who they fall in love with. Hell, how many decades post-desegregation are we and there is still more hate based on skin-color than I can wrap my head around.

But this is a step in the right direction. The knowledge that my grandkids will think grandma is pulling their leg when she tells them at one point it was illegal for two consenting adults to marry each other because they were both boys or both girls makes me grin like crazy. Because that’s how I felt when I found out at one point in our history it was illegal for a black man to marry a white woman (or vice versa). It sounds crazy. And stupid. And crazy stupid.

Today I plan on basking in the glow of the countless people across the country who now feel a little freer to be themselves.

So to all those people out there that will be affected by this ruling in a very tangible life-altering way I say congratulations!

One thought on “Why I cried over the SCOTUS ruling

  1. Right on, sister! I cried a little too, and for the very same reason, plus, if it’s legal in one state, it should be in all. Why should love be restricted to certain states, but not allowed in others? That’s my thoughts. I think SCOTUS got it right this time.

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