My dirty secret…

I have a confession. I’m addicted to searching stock photo sites. I find them hilariously portrait of a bearded man in the studio in a white cloakfascinating. My favorite thing is to search stock photos for intangible ideas. Like sarcasm. Some weird ass results come up for that one. My ABSOLUTE favorites are the model photos. This fine fella came up in my sarcasm search on (my go to for most the photos you see on my posts). I find that more suspicious than sarcastic, but to each his own.

Sarcasm also resulted in lots of people flipping the bird (just rude, not sarcastic), various phallic looking veggies with a table measure wrapped around / next to them (giant side eye to that one), and people just making weird-ass faces.

Another great find today was this sexy construction worker I stumbled across. I’ve known ladies that worked in construction, trust me, they do not show up to work like this. Nothing screams I work in the dirt all day like four inch heels!

Now if you really want a treat, Google “Romance Stock Images” sometime. (unfortunately I can’t post them here because I don’t have a membership to those sites, and don’t feel like being sued today.) Oh the cheesy goodness! I actually really want to spend a couple hours one day figuring out how cover designers take the horribly awkward photos I find and turn them into actually pretty awesome cover images. I’m fairly proficient at Photoshop, so I think I could do it given enough time. I think the trick must be cropping the photos down to the point that only sexy abs or arms are really distinguishable.

Also, can you imagine being the models for these photo shoots? “Hi, we just met, want to press your naked chest against mine?” Actually…. that sounds pretty good…

So after you have taken my advice and surfed the interwebs for some weird stock photos, come back here and show me what you find! Sharing is caring after all!

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