Why I cried over the SCOTUS ruling

On Friday, June 26, at 10 a.m., I sat at my desk at work and cried as quietly as I could out of pure happiness and joy. The Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled marriage equality is a right, making it legal for same-sex couples nation wide to marry.

Why did a straight, married woman in the middle of Pennsylvania care so much about a ruling — that really had no affect on her day-to-day life — that it brought her to tears?

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My dirty secret…

I have a confession. I’m addicted to searching stock photo sites. I find them hilariously portrait of a bearded man in the studio in a white cloakfascinating. My favorite thing is to search stock photos for intangible ideas. Like sarcasm. Some weird ass results come up for that one. My ABSOLUTE favorites are the model photos. This fine fella came up in my sarcasm search on dollarphotoclub.com (my go to for most the photos you see on my posts). I find that more suspicious than sarcastic, but to each his own.

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You Got It (The Write Stuff)*

*(Please excuse my horrible NKOTB pun in the title. I literally COULD NOT resist!)

Teen girl sitting with a laptop

Coffee is a must no matter what type of writing you are doing.

I love writing. Writing is quite literally my life. By day I work in public relations writing press releases, emails, articles and blog posts. I worry about things like branding and AP Style (literally the bane of my existence). By night I write very fictional, very sexy stories. I worry about things like how many times can I use the word cock in a chapter without it being repetitive (answer: no such limit exists).

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Man Crush Monday!

It has been a rough Monday in my world, so I really need a pick me up. Rather than bitch about my problems on social media, I decided to spread some beauty to make myself feel better. I bring to you the inspiration for every male character I have written, or have planned to write. Happy Man Crush Monday! (If you want to see the female counterparts for these men check out my Eye Candy Pinterest board. Continue reading

#rant – Courage

Welcome to my random middle of the night rant.

I know, just what the world needs, another nobody on the internet talking about the whole 556c7a224ae56e586e457d3e_vf-cover-bruce-jenner-july-2015Caitlyn Jenner thing. But I’ve kind been silently following everything this week, interested but not invested in the story. I’m not one to really pay too close attention to celebrities, just never had a real desire to know the intimate details of strangers’ lives. But I will admit Jenner has piqued my interest because I have loved ones struggling with gender identity right now. So I quietly watched her transition from my little corner of the world.

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Book Binge

Research is a very important part of being a writer. Or at least that is what I’m telling myself after my latest round of book-binging.

No joke, I’ve read a book almost everyday for the past month. 28 books. That is how many I’ve read just in May. there were only three days I didn’t order a book on my Kindle. Then there was that day I bought 3. And read them all that day.

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