#rant – One is the Loneliest Number

Welcome to my new, totally random, hopefully semi-regular post series #rant. In these posts I will rant on whatever is pissing me off on that day, but I’ll try to keep it book / writing related. Be aware, these are stream of consciousness posts straight from my brain and may not make a lick of sense. Woo hoo! Let’s get started:

Recently one of my beta readers for The Arrangement advised me to include a caution in my blurb when I publish warning readers that my characters have sex with multiple partners. Not as in they are in the middle of some deprived orgy type action (though I’m not opposed to that, hold on I need to write that down). No, they date. And one of the characters has sex with one of the men she dates before finding “the one.”

I love this beta reader, she is an awesome lady and gave me some great insight, so don’t think I’m mad at her for saying this. She simply pointed it out because apparently some fellow author friends have gotten 1 star reviews simply because they had a character have sex with someone other than “the one.”


First: As far as I am concerned 1 star reviews should be reserved for the most horrible writing imaginable.Writing so bad you couldn’t even make it five pages in without throwing the book / kindle against the wall in frustration. Not for a writreallyer making a choice for their characters. So for those that give 1 star reviews solely on this basis I say, Really?!

Second: Let’s get real, people play the field. Maybe not every one, but a lot of people. Heck, MOST people. And even if you are those lucky few that find your Mr. / Mrs. Right on the first shot and never have to run that intimidating gauntlet we call “dating,” does knowing your best friend had to kiss, or screw, a few frogs before she found her prince really diminish their love?

Third: Having read some of these reviews I can tell you some of them have said that the one sex scene ruined the entire book for them, and if it hadn’t been there they would have liked the story. Huh? Obviously it didn’t ruin anything since you finished reading the book. Some have even conceded that they know why the author included it, but they don’t read romance novels to read about sex with multiple partners. I feel very bad for these readers. You only read one type of romance novel? Do you only want to read stories where the woman is a virgin, and the billionaire bachelor only has vague allusions to his previous player ways? Because that sounds like it would get old real fast. That’s like saying “I don’t like guys with long hair, so nope that ruined the WHOLE book for me. ”

So here is my question for you: Did the scene that caused that scathing review advance your knowledge of the character? Did it pay a role in pushing the plot forward? Did it serve a purpose in the story? Than put your own personal experiences aside and judge the story for the story, and the skill of the writer. Not for one minute detail.

BTW: A warning for every one, The Arrangement has lots of sex. With two different men. And some fantasies with even more men. *Gasp* Run!

Anyone else have something they want to rant about? Go for it in the comments! Logic need not be applied!

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