I’m fascinated by the ways people are inspired, and the art that inspiration shapes. For me inspiration comes in everyday occurrences and the mundane bits of life.Aha Moment on Red Billboard.

I first got the idea for The Arrangement sitting in a meeting bored out of my mind. I noticed a small rip in the thigh of my tights and a scene started forming in my mind. I didn’t have character names, a setting, or even a plot in mind yet. Just an image of a man kneeling between a woman’s legs, ripping a whole in her pantyhose with his teeth. Eighty five thousand words later I have a book on my hands.

Of course, not all ideas turn into a full length book. For instance, last week I was running late to work, but needed my daily Starbucks fix. As I was going into the packed coffee shop, a woman was coming out juggling hand-fulls of coffee, food, and other things. She backed-up into the door and stood there holding it open for me despite her precarious hold on everything. As I stood in line I Young couple walking in London holding a cup of teathought, if I had been an attractive guy that would have made for one heck of a meet-cute. So I whipped out my phone and started typing the beginnings of a story.

The next day I went back to the few lines I had saved in my phone and transferred them to my computer. And I kept going. I pulled some more inspiration from a quilt show I had gone to years before. That damn time-hop app had pulled the pictures up that morning and I decided to throw something about quilts in the story as well. Before I knew it I was 2000 words in with no real plot in mind yet.

And that’s where it sits right now. Who knows where it will go? I might spin it into a short story. Or maybe there is a novel hiding there someplace. Or maybe it will never progress. It doesn’t really matter. The point is, I took the inspiration and I ran with it.

What inspires you? When do your ideas tend to pop into your head?

If you’d like to read the story that resulted from this trip to Starbucks click here.

One thought on “Inspiration

  1. Well… inspiration can be found pretty much anywhere. My current WIP was inspired by a question about details posed in one of the many forums I’m part of. I took my more detailed example sentence, something I just pulled out of my rear end, and it got me wondering. Questions! Questions, questions, questions. I had to answer them. The idea to make my story about two rodeo competitors was inspired by a flyer I saw for the high school rodeo championships coming up in June. Plus I love me some cowboy. But I’m also setting up another one, probably for winter, within this current WIP, inspired by my bachelorette party – which was at the rodeo – and the “lap dance” I received from the rodeo clown. I may have fantasized about him being smoking hot underneath all that clown clothes and makeup.


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