Women Read / Women Write Part 1

One of my passions in life is learning. I truly believe you never stop learning, no matter who you are or how far you have come in life. Whether it’s throughIdea everyday experiences, or actively searching out educational opportunities, there is something you can take away from whatever situation you find yourself.

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I spent a large part of my childhood and teen years lying through my teeth.

Why in the world would I start my first blog post with that little confession? Well, I thought it would be appropriate for my inaugural post to tell you how I got started in this crazy world of writing. And it starts with a bunch of lies.

FALSE Rubber StampThe stories have followed me my whole life. When my parents picked up the family and moved to Pennsylvania, I told our neighbors my father got drunk and burnt our old house down. Another of my favorite tall tales was the one about my brother desperately needing a heart transplant. I was six. Maybe I should’ve cut back on the General Hospital after school.

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