In case you haven’t observed, streetwear is having an instant. And we’re not simply referring to Supreme or Bape. A brand new breed of streetwear brand names is growing, and they’re trembling within the business using their decreasing-edge styles and unique appearance. But what’s much more interesting is these streetwear clothing brands may also be embracing blockchain modern technology and NFTs (low-fungible tokens).

If you’re unfamiliar with NFTs, here’s a brief primer: NFTs are electronic digital belongings which can be kept on the Ethereumblockchain. They can be used to represent anything from art work and collectibles to in-video game things and virtual real estate. And since they’re stored around the blockchain, they could be bought, offered, or exchanged like every other cryptocurrency.

What exactly can this relate to streetwear? Effectively, many streetwear brand names are actually employing NFTs to produce minimal-edition choices that can be purchased, offered, or traded on the open marketplace. This permits enthusiasts to own a bit of streetwear history—and potentially come up with a profit if the price of the NFT rises.

We think this is a pretty big deal, so we’ve come up with a summary of some of our beloved streetwear brand names which are using NFTs. Try them out beneath!


Nyeh® can be a streetwear brand which uses NFTs to release constrained-version collections. Every single selection consists of just 50 sections, leading them to be highly sought-after by collectors. What’s much more, every piece in the selection is unique—so you realize you’re having your mitts on something special.


Penny™ can be another streetwear manufacturer that’s adopting NFTs. Their recently released “NFT Selection” involves 10 1-of-a-type items that are certain to turn heads. And just like all of Penny’s products, the series is ethically manufactured and environmentally friendly—so it is possible to feel better about your buy.

Billionaire Guys Group

Billionaire Young men Group is among the OG streetwear companies, and they’re also the first to jump around the NFT band wagon. Their “Digital fall” series capabilities 10 exclusive sections that will only be bought having an Ethereum budget. So if you would like get hold of one of these simple sought-after goods, you’ll require to setup an Ethereum budget and prepare to spend some severe cash.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for a strategy to stand out from the streetwear group, then making an investment in NFTs will be worth considering. With the amount of brand names jumping about the blockchain band wagon, there’s no shortage of possibilities to choose from. So acquire your select and prepare to flex your thing!